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Mr Brainwash Goes To The Oscars

Following his acceptance of the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary the night before, Mr Brainwash and his wife Deborah Guetta attended the 83rd Academy Awards for “Exit Through The Gift Shop”.

“Exit Through The Gift Shop” received an Oscar nomination late 2010(the film premiered for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010), also winning the Grierson Trust British Documentary Award in November of the same year.

Although “Exit Through The Gift Shop” did not win an award for its category, its nomination only fueled the infamy surrounding Banksy and the curious fixation on Mr Brainwash.

Independent Spirit Award for Exit Through The Gift Shop

Following its successful Sundance premiere and its reception of the Grierson Trust Documentary Award for Most Entertaining Documentary, Mr Brainwash attended the 26th Independent Spirit Awards, hosted by Film Independent, to accept the award for Best Documentary.

Accepting the award in Banksy’s place, Mr Brainwash coyly responded to questions regarding the secretive artist, keeping up the intrigue surrounding the film and its creation.

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Mr Brainwash Paints Mural For The Oscars

To commemorate the Oscars and Exit Through The Gift Shop’s nomination into its Best Documentary category by the Academy, Mr Brainwash painted a mural on La Brea Ave. of the Oscar statuette wearing a hoodie guarded, and filmed, by Storm Troopers.

Exit Through the Gift Shop (USA Release)

The highly-anticipated Sundance hit, Exit Through The Gift Shop, was released to theaters in the US on April 16th, 2010.

The documentary had its run with audiences in the UK on March 5th, and was also screened at the 60th anniversary of the Berlin film festival on February 15th, 2010.

Exit Through The Gift Shop, Sundance Film Festival

Exit Through The Gift Shop was released during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Attendees were curious to see what Banksy had in store, as the film presented by his camp could not be found in the festival’s programming.

The only clues to Banksy’s participation in the film festival were the stencils that popped up on some of the buildings around the city.

In true Banksy fashion the affair was wrapped up in mystery, as the documentary directed by the Scarlet Pimpernel of street art, using film footage Mr. Brainwash had accumulated in the ten years he followed a number of street artists with his camera during it’s rebirth, was unveiled for the first time to the public eye.

The documentary was a huge hit among Sundance attendees, you can read more about the event on The Guardian.

The Cans Festival

The Cans Festival was the first British exhibit Banksy coordinated and curated in over three years and it featured the work of street artists worldwide, Brazil, Canada and Australia to name a few countries!

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