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Oscars After Party Hosted By Seth MacFarlane


Oscars After Party Hosted By Seth MacFarlane

Feburary 24, 2013

By 2013, Mr Brainwash was truly one of the most in-demand artists, worldwide.

He continued to play with pop culture and designed the décor for the Academy Award After Party held by the Oscar host, Seth MacFarlane.

The artist decorated the party space with his Rockwell, Botero, and Degas re-imaginations, as well as playful, large-scale sculptures.

Mr Brainwash Directs David Guetta’s “Metropolis” Music Video


Mr Brainwash Directs David Guetta’s “Metropolis” Music Video

October 19, 2012

Mr Brainwash collaborated with another Guetta (David Guetta, that is) and directed the music video for “Metropolis”, a song David Guetta made with fellow producer Nicky Romero which currently boasts over 14 million views on You Tube.

The Black Keys Poster


The Black Keys Poster

October 5, 2012

In addition to the art and film communities, Mr Brainwash is also an in-demand name in the music industry.

He has designed art for the album campaigns of some of the world’s most influential artists, such as The Black Keys, who asked Mr Brainwash to create a poster for their concert in Los Angeles at the Staples Center

Rock The Vote – Road Trip 2012

Rock The Vote

Rock The Vote – Road Trip 2012

Aug 28, 2012

Rock The Vote, the nation’s largets non-partisan voter registration organization, invited Mr Brainwash to decorate the bus they would be taking across the country to encourage young Americans to register and take part in their civic duty.

“Life is Beautiful” Solo Exhibit In Central London

When the Summer Olympics arrived and the whole world had its eyes on London, Mr Brainwash made his UK debut, where he was already a well-known name, because of his collaborations with Banksy, by invading The Old Sorting Office, a colossal space, steps from the British Museum.

His love of British pop culture icons rang out through the streets, as Mr Brainwash adorned the side of the Sorting Office with a 6 story tall Queen Elizabeth II, in her coronation attire, holding a Union Jack spray can.

The show saw large crowds each day and became Mr Brainwash’s most attended show to date.

The pre-opening of the show was a party in collaboration with Coca Cola, featuring world-famous DJ David Guetta. The party, titled “Guetta Vs. Guetta,” had over 1,000 people in attendance.

“Life is Beautiful” Solo Exhibit With Sotheby’s In Mexico City


“Life is Beautiful” Solo Exhibit With Sotheby’s In Mexico City

April 18, 2012

Following the massive LA show, 2012 only got bigger.

Sotheby’s featured Mr Brainwash in a private contemporary art exhibit in Mexico, solidifying his popularity with collectors and with the world’s most well-known art houses around the globe.

“Life Is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″ Solo Exhibit


“Life Is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″ Solo Exhibit

December 22, 2011

Mr Brainwash returned to the home of his first solo show, Los Angeles, with “Life is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″.

This show was his biggest yet, taking over an 80,000 square foot building in the center of the city. Each day, thousands of people gathered to see this thrilling monster of a show, which embraced Los Angeles, the epicenter of pop culture.

Mr Brainwash also gave artists the opportunity to be a part of the show. For the exhibition, he donated over 20,000 square feet of space to showcase donated works from around the globe. Artists were invited to mail in their art or install the artworks themselves.

Most art shows and exhibitions are reserved for a specific segment of society, however, Mr Brainwash art shows are for everyone. His shows became an art access point for art lovers of all ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

The first 300 people to arrive and step into the building on the 22nd received a special edition print that was numbered, hand-finished, thumbprinted and signed by Mr. Brainwash himself.

“Life Is Beautiful: Untitled” Pop-Up Show At Art Basel Miami

Art Basel

“Life Is Beautiful: Untitled” Pop-Up Show At Art Basel Miami

December 1, 2011

Mr Brainwash returned to Art Basel: Miami Beach with another installment of his “Life is Beautiful” exhibition series, this time called “Untitled.”

This show overtook an entire building on Collin Avenue and 21st Street.

Within the building where an array of mixed media, sculptures, prints, installation, all splattered in the signature style of Mr Brainwash.

Again, the show was a hit, attracting collectors, gallery owners, and celebrities from all over the world