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“Art Wars” Exhibition At Saatchi Gallery


“Art Wars” Exhibition At Saatchi Gallery

October 1, 2013

Mr Brainwash, along with a number of high-profile artists, came together and made their own versions of the Stormtrooper helmet for “Art Wars,” an exhibition over at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

“Life is Beautiful” Solo Exhibit In Central London

When the Summer Olympics arrived and the whole world had its eyes on London, Mr Brainwash made his UK debut, where he was already a well-known name, because of his collaborations with Banksy, by invading The Old Sorting Office, a colossal space, steps from the British Museum.

His love of British pop culture icons rang out through the streets, as Mr Brainwash adorned the side of the Sorting Office with a 6 story tall Queen Elizabeth II, in her coronation attire, holding a Union Jack spray can.

The show saw large crowds each day and became Mr Brainwash’s most attended show to date.

The pre-opening of the show was a party in collaboration with Coca Cola, featuring world-famous DJ David Guetta. The party, titled “Guetta Vs. Guetta,” had over 1,000 people in attendance.