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Pulse Night Club, Orlando, FL


October 19 , 2016

In honor of the 49 victims of the mass shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Fl., Mr Brainwash in collaboration with Nats Getty (founder of Strike Oil) and The Girls Lounge created and unveiled a mural dedicated to the victims at the location of the tragedy.

It was the first time that Pulse Night Club opened its doors to the public since the massacre earlier in June. The community was invited and encouraged to add final contributions to the mural, with a performance by DJ Kim And and Brendan Reilly during the ceremony.

Click on the following link to read more Orlando Weekly – Public invited to finish mural at pulse tonight

Art Basel Miami


Art Basel – Miami

December 1, 2015

Mr Brainwash returned to Miami Beach for Art Basel, attending Haute Living’s annual Basel party to celebrate his collaboration with the luxury Swiss watch brand and friend Eva Longoria.

Hubolt had invited Mr Brainwash to guest-curate the visual merchandising of its Miami boutique, located in the Miami Design District.

Mr Brainwash presented artwork to Eva Longoria to benefit the Eva Longoria Foundation, an organization founded by the actress to benefit Latinas nationwide through education and entrepreneurship.

Among the artwork presented to Eva Longoria for her foundation, the artist also turned a Hubolt timepiece into art with his signature paint splatters in bright, bold colors.

Art Basel – Miami

Tribute Mural for 9/11


Tribute Mural for 9/11

September 11, 2015

Mr Brainwash returned to New York to paint a mural commemorating the 14-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that changed the course of American history.

Mural on Burger King Wall (Art Basel Miami)


Mural on Burger King Wall (Art Basel Miami)

December 4, 2014

Mr Brainwash gave fast-food a spotlight for Art Basel: Miami Beach by creating an interactive mural of Burger King’s Whopper and fries on the outside wall of GAB Studio.

There was also a sort of “throne” you can sit on with a crown above your head.

Miami is the birthplace of Burger King, the fast-food joint first opened in 1954, and home of The Original Whopper Burger. Mr Brainwash paid tribute to its origins by creating the interactive mural on Wynwood.

Mr Brainwash also kicked off Art Basel with a night of partying at WALL Lounge with friends Paris Hilton and Rick Ross.

Rick Ross’ “Mastermind” Album Cover

Album Cover

Rick Ross’ “Mastermind” Album Cover

October 2, 2013

Mr Brainwash collaborated with longtime friend Rick Ross to create the cover art for his new album “Mastermind.”

Later on, Mass Appeal featured the artistic styling of Mr Brainwash:
“In a move that’s sure to rock both the art and rap worlds, Rick Ross has teamed up with artist Mr Brainwash for the creation of the MASTERMIND deluxe album cover. A “mastermind” indeed, Ross looks to bring high art to the world of album artwork.”

“Life Is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″ Solo Exhibit


“Life Is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″ Solo Exhibit

December 22, 2011

Mr Brainwash returned to the home of his first solo show, Los Angeles, with “Life is Beautiful: Art Show 2011″.

This show was his biggest yet, taking over an 80,000 square foot building in the center of the city. Each day, thousands of people gathered to see this thrilling monster of a show, which embraced Los Angeles, the epicenter of pop culture.

Mr Brainwash also gave artists the opportunity to be a part of the show. For the exhibition, he donated over 20,000 square feet of space to showcase donated works from around the globe. Artists were invited to mail in their art or install the artworks themselves.

Most art shows and exhibitions are reserved for a specific segment of society, however, Mr Brainwash art shows are for everyone. His shows became an art access point for art lovers of all ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

The first 300 people to arrive and step into the building on the 22nd received a special edition print that was numbered, hand-finished, thumbprinted and signed by Mr Brainwash himself.

“Life Is Beautiful: Untitled” Pop-Up Show At Art Basel Miami

Art Basel

“Life Is Beautiful: Untitled” Pop-Up Show At Art Basel Miami

December 1, 2011

Mr Brainwash returned to Art Basel: Miami Beach with another installment of his “Life is Beautiful” exhibition series, this time called “Untitled.”

This show overtook an entire building on Collin Avenue and 21st Street.

Within the building where an array of mixed media, sculptures, prints, installation, all splattered in the signature style of Mr Brainwash.

Again, the show was a hit, attracting collectors, gallery owners, and celebrities from all over the world

“Life Is Beautiful” Solo Show In Toronto


“Life Is Beautiful” Solo Show In Toronto

September 8, 2011

Gallery One in Yorkville hosted a solo exhibition for Mr Brainwash in Toronto, Canada. This time it was more of a small, intimate affair as opposed to Mr Brainwash’s usual grand style that overtakes warehouse-sized spaces.

This event was one of the few projects he had been involved in for the city; he had contributed sculptures for the Toronto Film Festival as well as a screen print for a Grace Kelly exhibit.

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