Oscars After Party Hosted By Seth MacFarlane


 By 2013, Mr Brainwash was truly one of the most in-demand artists, worldwide.

He continued to play with pop culture and designed the décor for the Academy Award After Party held by the Oscar host, Seth MacFarlane.

The artist decorated the party space with his Rockwell, Botero, and Degas re-imaginations, as well as playful, large-scale sculptures.


Mr Brainwash Goes To The Oscars


Following his acceptance of the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary the night before, Mr Brainwash and his wife Deborah Guetta attended the 83rd Academy Awards for “Exit Through The Gift Shop”.

“Exit Through The Gift Shop” received an Oscar nomination late 2010(the film premiered for the first time at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2010), also winning the Grierson Trust British Documentary Award in November of the same year.

Although “Exit Through The Gift Shop” did not win an award for its category, its nomination only fueled the infamy surrounding Banksy and the curious fixation on Mr Brainwash.