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mr brainwash

Art Basel: Miami 2016

Mr Brainwash returned to Art Basel Miami once again, bringing 2016 to a close by giving the SLS Hotel’s facade a makeover just in time for the city’s biggest art event.

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Amsterdam is Beautiful


Amsterdam is Beautiful

November 10, 2016

This was the first gallery showing of Mr Brainwash’s work in the Netherlands, housed by Wanrooij Gallery.

The opening of the show was on November 10th, 2016 and the show ran until December.

Pulse Night Club, Orlando, FL


October 19 , 2016

In honor of the 49 victims of the mass shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Fl., Mr Brainwash in collaboration with Nats Getty (founder of Strike Oil) and The Girls Lounge created and unveiled a mural dedicated to the victims at the location of the tragedy.

It was the first time that Pulse Night Club opened its doors to the public since the massacre earlier in June. The community was invited and encouraged to add final contributions to the mural, with a performance by DJ Kim And and Brendan Reilly during the ceremony.

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Pelé x Mr Brainwash Collaboration


Pelé x Mr Brainwash Collaboration

August 26, 2016

A new major collaboration took place in August when soccer superstar Pelé met Mr Brainwash in Rio de Janeiro during the Summer Olympic Games.

For their meeting, Mr Brainwash created limited edition artworks, depicting Pelé in the middle of one of his iconic bicycle kicks – in an explosion of color and motion.

Throughout an entire afternoon and over a soundtrack of Brazilian music selected by the former soccer player, the two painted large canvases together and added splatters of paint to the artworks previously created.

Pelé even took the time to sign and stamp his thumbprint on each piece.

This is the second Olympic Games for Mr Brainwash; in 2012, during the Summer Olympic Games in London, the artist made his UK debut by invading The Old Sorting Office, a colossal space, steps from the British Museum.

One of the most popular installation was the famous Olympic rings, dripping their colors, arranged with old spray cans.

Solo Exhibit at ARA Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

Solo Exhibit at ARA Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

June 21, 2016

June 2016 marked the debut of Mr Brainwash’s spectacular solo shows in Asia.

He opened his first exhibition in South Korea at The ARA Modern Art Museum in Insa-dong in Seoul.

Large mixed media murals were on display showcasing Mr Brainwash’s iconic artwork and larger than life scope.

Some of the highlights include a massive 15ft tall wooden AT-AT from the Star Wars movie franchise, a room full of hanging vintage cameras, and a white room splashed with pink paint.

Donation to The Brain Project Fundraiser


Donation to The Brain Project Fundraiser

Jan 4 , 2016

Mr Brainwash was among the 100 internationally known artists that were invited by The Brain Project, a program by the Baycrest Foundation in Toronto, to customize their own brain sculpture as a way to raise awareness, support and research into aging and brain health.

Artists of various art backgrounds – fashion, architecture, photography, painting, performance, were invited to design their own brain sculpture to be displayed in different venues across Toronto.

The public was invited to vote for their favorite designs and the sculptures were sold at an auction with the proceeds going to Baycrest Health Sciences for funding.

Features in “Don’t You Need Somebody” Music Video by RedOne


Features in “Don’t You Need Somebody” Music Video by RedOne

May 27, 2016

In the video, you can see Mr Brainwash lip-syncing along with Jennifer Lopez, Cristiano Ronaldo (professional Portuguese football player for Spain’s Real Madrid) and RedOne.

RedOne is a songwriter/producer who’s worked with artists like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few. He has been in the music industry for a number of years, but “Don’t You Need Somebody” is his debut into the music industry as an artist himself, a song that was created and produced with Enrique Iglesias, R. City, Serayah and Shaggy.

RedOne invited a few of his friends to feature in the music video for “Don’t You Need Somebody.”