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“Life is Beautiful” Solo Exhibit In Central London

By 08/05/2012November 6th, 2020No Comments

When the Summer Olympics arrived and the whole world had its eyes on London, Mr Brainwash made his UK debut, where he was already a well-known name, because of his collaborations with Banksy, by invading The Old Sorting Office, a colossal space, steps from the British Museum.

His love of British pop culture icons rang out through the streets, as Mr Brainwash adorned the side of the Sorting Office with a 6 story tall Queen Elizabeth II, in her coronation attire, holding a Union Jack spray can.

The show saw large crowds each day and became Mr Brainwash’s most attended show to date.

The pre-opening of the show was a party in collaboration with Coca Cola, featuring world-famous DJ David Guetta. The party, titled “Guetta Vs. Guetta,” had over 1,000 people in attendance.